It's Not What it Looks Like

I have been fascinated by this tree for months now. This isn't the greatest photo - I couldn't hop over and around all the cars in the parking lot on this side of the fence to get a good angle, nor could I eliminate any of the overly-busy background. But, that tree seems to speak volumes. It's not dead! I imagine that, in one of the many tornadoes around here, one came through and sheared the top of this tree over. The bottom half of it may look dead, but the top half of it is laying on the ground and is now almost fully leafy. That it could survive like this is worth a photo in tribute to its tenacity!


Nature Fight

This photo came with a price. I fell out of my truck and skinned a hand and knee pretty good to get this one. That I got the two geese fighting at all is a miracle. I was on my knees when I shot this photo. Before I could take another, one chased the other off and the moment had passed. Then, I got to my feet and surveyed my injuries.

The Guardian

I have yet to master taking indoor shots, but this time, the natural outside light through the window gave me this nice shot of my German Shepherd. Thankfully, you can't see the window pane with all the nose smudges on it.

Light the Fire

Amazing, isn't it? This sunset has almost created the illusion of being over water. Or maybe it's just my eyes. I remember worrying that the wider aperture while taking this photo burned out my camera's sensors, it was so bright.

Stormy Sunset

It would be too easy for me to overload on sunsets since there are amazingly various, gorgeous ones here in Arkansas. Sunsets supply their own 'composition,' which makes it easy to capture dynamic photos.


Makin' Music II

This gentleman was playing harmonica with the guitarist in Makin' Music on a beautiful day on the court house square. This group of 8 guys get together every Saturday to play old time country and blue grass on the lawn of the court house, just because they love to play.

This photo was another surprise when it came off the camera so perfectly. Viewing it in large size (click on it), you can see every detail. You can see him listening and getting lost in the music.


A Memory of Mine

I've always loved this photo of my son (left) and his friend, taken many years ago. I don't think the motion of the boys' arms tossing stones into the river would've come out if it weren't for the perfectly clear day. Kids grow up too quickly.

Straight From the Heart

Capturing the intensity of a musician singing from the heart isn't an easy task. It isn't easy unless your subject is one that is always intensely singing from the heart like Kenny Loggins. The stage spotlights posed a bit of a problem with overexposure in some parts, shadows in others, but luckily, this photo managed to catch just enough lighting on his face to illustrate his emotion.


Makin' Music

I once saw an amazing, heart-stopping photo taken by a US Air Force photographer at Little Rock Air Force Base. The photo was a close-up of a soldier's face as he aimed his M80. The photographer caught the soldier head on, as if he was the target. The result of that very short depth of field was a blurred background and a blurred foreground. Since seeing that photo, I wanted to use that effect in my own photography.

This photo is the first that I was successful in creating such a shallow depth of field, and it was an accident! You see, I was curious about that little black thing at the end of the guitar neck, so I shot a close-up of it so that I could see what it was once I got the photo onto my computer. It's some new-fangled tuner, and once I discovered that, I looked at the entire photo and saw that I had managed to capture the man's fingers in complete focus with the background and foreground blurred.

Apt Pupil

Using wide angle let me capture the two old gentlemen in all their glory while capturing just enough of a background to give them a context.

Foggy Morning in Arkansas

Hitchin' a Ride

The Guardian

Chest Deep in Bliss


A Visitor

Oh So Blue Moon

Spring is in the Air