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Between the Old and New




The courthouse building downtown is interesting and weathered tome to the area’s history. Taking this photo at night was a challenge, but the camera caught the ambiance of the various lighting on the building.

Both photos were taken during the Get Down…Downtown event. The vendor display of hundreds of pairs of sunglasses give the sense of the overwhelming contrast between old and new.


Friday in the Sky






Where I live, it is huge. That’s the best way to describe it. Standing in the middle of the pasture, all I have to do is stand in one place and slowly turn 360 degrees to capture an endless expanse of nature.

This evening, the sky was filled with the sunset in almost every direction. The top photo is the sunset itself, in the west. Turning directly south, the sunset was even more vivid, and what I saw is the second photo. To top it all off is what I found in the east, the last photo. Everything in the east was lit with that subtle purple hue, and it was breathtaking.

All these were taken with my iPhone.


Catching the Green Before it Goes




Imagine my horror when I found my batteries so low that the LCD wouldn’t work! That’s what I ended up with today, low batteries. Still, I couldn’t resist trying to capture those fuzzy purple things, or the taller-than-me gigantic things that look like hay. Around here, things aren’t turning brown yet, but it won’t be long now.

Reading Nook


I found this wonderful old bookstore in town last year. No matter where you looked in the store, your eyes had plenty to feast on. This is the quaint little corner reading nook.


Jiggers on the Lookout





I suppose photography can be a lonely activity. But, it’s not for me. My dogs and horse follow me everywhere I wander with my camera in hand, and sometimes, step into a shot. Jiggers did that today, and I love the way it came out. Though the horse didn’t step into the photo, I shot the second photo from over the top of his head  as he grazed right next to me. It’s times like these when the photos mean so much more to me than just pretty pictures.

Following the Setting Sun


Taken with the camera in my iPhone, I was able to capture the feel of last night’s fast-moving clouds. Moving from the north and the east, the clouds came together at a point in the west as though following the sun as it set.



Reaching Up

powerlinebackground I love that little farm across the way. It speaks to me of history – and the tenacity to survive life in “Tornado Alley” as this area is called – and strength of things built with quality and care. And then there’s the huge, unsightly-but-beautiful-in-its-own-way powerline structure. It reaches up, beyond the highest trees and structures, to be the highway of power, so to speak. The camera focused on the life that reaches up instead, capturing the life that mimics the powerlines to take advantage of its own power source, the sun.


September Flower