In the Summer Heat


Really. I've got to get out more. I'm seeing aliens in the plant life! Just what is this blob? It's still so hot that even the birds are panting. I didn't know they could do that. And those berries... They look so luscious here, but they are so tiny that you'd smoosh them if you tried to pick them.


Birds on a Wire

Too hot to walk around much, I sat still and zoomed. These two birds were flying around, almost dive-bombing the dogs and horse, then finally landed on the fence wire.

I found this shot interesting. First, those birds were around 75 feet away from me. The line of trees in the background is probably at least a quarter of a mile away. Distances were foreshortened quite a bit.


My Peace

It was so quiet and still this evening. Once in awhile, the faintest breeze would brush against my arms, no more than a whisper. Odin contentedly grazed while his tail went back and forth, rhythmically swatting flies. Jake knew I had the camera, and put on the haughtiest look he could muster. I asked Saki to turn and give me a smile, and he did.

In the Yard Today

Today's trip around the yard had me hoping. The last few days have seen incredibly severe storms, so I wasn't expecting to see much. Perhaps it's a transition time, but I found some interesting things nonetheless.

The first photo, I call "Symphony." They all just stood there, tall and proud, together, as if they were creating something that one of them alone couldn't.

The second photo I didn't name. These are the tiniest flowers I've ever seen. To give you an idea just how tiny they are, there are some in the third photo!

The third one I call "Beginning and End, Together."

The last photo is another one-of-a-kind. It is the one and only dandelion gone to seed on my entire 3 acres. I had to take a photo.


Sunday Shots of Color

A good portion of my life has been spent with a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing... allergies. Though I love the smell of fresh cut grass, I know it won't be more than a few minutes before I pay for enjoying the scent. It's the same with flowers. The strong scents send me into sneezing fits that can last for hours. So, I missed their incredible, beautiful intricacies.

These photos didn't need any tweaks. These are as they came off the camera. I didn't know about the bug on the first Susan, and I sure didn't see the fly in the last photo! I had no idea that those purple flowers burst out of little berries. Click to see them in 800x600 size and enjoy the detail.

The camera is opening up a whole new world for me!


Saturday Morning View

Morning's are great. If you wake up early on a Saturday morning, there's plenty of opportunity to catch sight of a lot that is new. I found that the light was too intense for my camera's sensors, even though I was out there around 8 a.m. Interestingly, bright colors became too bright. It took some contrast adjustments to get any of the photos presentable. Sigh.