In Full Color






Arkansas Fallen Firefighter Memorial







The new Arkansas Fallen Firefighter Memorial statue is currently touring the state, on display this week in Beebe, before coming to its final home at the state capitol. It is unbelievably amazing to see the statue in person, to see the intricate details along with the overwhelming sense of the feats that the statue commemorates.


From a Different Time



When I saw this photo, I was reminded of the haunted house all the kids in the neighborhood used to talk about. One day, we all piled in a big brother’s car and went over to explore that old, abandoned house. The doorway was just as overgrown and just as dark over the threshold as this old dog house in my back yard. I imagine people and dogs long gone, walking in and out that door. I never went into the haunted house, and I’ve never poked my head inside this dog house either. It’s out of respect, you see, of a different day and time. A-hem.

October Growth





It’s so amazing to me that there are still things growing. While the poke salad may be on its last legs, I found a new, weird white flower of sorts growing in the shade of the tree.


The Tree at the Edge of My World




There’s not many trees on my property. This one sits outside the pasture fence, right at the edge of my world, so to speak. It’s not a very picturesque tree, and it’s too young to be grand, but I enjoy its uniqueness. And, it redeemed itself and added a few grandiose qualities all on its own as the sun started to set. The sunlight, bright, fall sunlight, poured through the tree leaves to capture the color as it streamed through. On the other side, the sunlight splashed across the leaves through the sun’s own cloud filter.


Odin Flies!






I don’t know why I didn’t think to put the camera into video mode. If I did though, I would’ve missed these wonderful shots. Of all the things I think of when I see Odin, it’s his incredible power and beauty that always takes my breath away.

In the second photo, Odin was running up to me. The view through the camera lens is deceptive, and when he got close, he tucked his rump in and did a power slide. I was standing right by a large muddy area, so that slide sprayed me and the camera with mud! It was one of those moments that is the price you pay for a good shot or two.


Wet, Gray Days Persist



judsoniaschool I overheard someone say today that we’ve had 18 straight days of rain. It’s very unusual for Arkansas. Today was no different. It rained all day long from sunup until just about sunset when it slowed to a steady sprinkle. Water and mud is everywhere, like on this playground and building site for a new elementary school.


Holding On ‘Til the Last



 dyingdaisies All the colors, the beautiful colors… The greatest part of living in Arkansas is that the growing season starts in March and lasts almost to November. Four months only feels like a long time…

Alive and Well in the Cool Air






Saki and Hiro move so quickly that I have to set the camera in such a way that it will capture them instead of just a blur. The sacrifice is in the color, as you can see.

Odin will, every now and then, stand still to be photographed in a way that lets me set the camera for deeper color saturation.

Jake is usually constantly moving like the two little dogs, but this time he stood still like Odin did. A rare day indeed.


October Colors



 falldaisies2 I took these photos exactly a year ago today. It’s amazing to see the things that are alike, like the waning moon and the little, tiny daisies; along with the things that are different, like the colder temperatures and much more rain that has seemed to have stopped the growth of much of anything.