Ed and Ethel


I got the biggest kick out of these two birds. I took a series of shots of them sitting high above on the wire, and their postures seemed so communicative that I laughed and laughed. The one on the left is Ethel, though I have no idea the gender of either bird. Ed is the one on the right. Ed had flown off for a few minutes after a C130 flew over, just like he had played the gallant knight off to slay a dragon. When he came back, it looked like he boasted and bragged about how brave he had been. Then, when Ethel had enough, she gave him a piece of her mind, which caused Ed to recoil a bit.

Photographing the birds meant zooming in as far as I could and waiting for the wind to stop long enough to leave the birds still in one spot. I couldn't ask for a better pair of actors for the job!


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