One of a Kind

I looked out my window today and noticed a spot of bright pink color. It's a pretty good size too, and I figured it must've been some piece of ...junk... that blew into my yard with the weekend's storms. I looked again and again, thinking it's not garbage, but what could it be since it was quite the distance from the ground? Finally, curiosity won. I pulled on some boots to wade through all the water out there and grabbed my camera. I found this one, solitary, large pink flower!  If you look closely at it, you'll see that the little pink flowers have long, pink, tubular shoots that bloom out only at the end. Very, very strange. And unique.

Odin had been following me closely while I scoped out the various plant life in his pasture. When I headed back to the house, I heard his thundering hooves. He was loping to catch up with me, silly horse! When I turned back around, I looked down and spotted this tiny plant. Again, only one!


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