From a Different Time



When I saw this photo, I was reminded of the haunted house all the kids in the neighborhood used to talk about. One day, we all piled in a big brother’s car and went over to explore that old, abandoned house. The doorway was just as overgrown and just as dark over the threshold as this old dog house in my back yard. I imagine people and dogs long gone, walking in and out that door. I never went into the haunted house, and I’ve never poked my head inside this dog house either. It’s out of respect, you see, of a different day and time. A-hem.


  1. My mine would want to explore the building. As a child I probably would of played in it.

  2. LOL, Auntie E. I have a bit of the urge to explore, but then again, I have such a healthy imagination that lurking around in the dark doesn't quite appeal to me.