Bridge to the Past

This old bridge built in the late 1800's connects two halves of a very small town in Arkansas. It was built to pivot from a center point to make way for large cargo ships traveling down the Little Red River, and it is as solid as ever. However, it is no longer open to vehicular travel, shut down with the latest round of safety standards. Supposedly, it needs one more support beam underneath to bring it up to standard. The town's mayor is beating on every door he can think of to raise the funding for the needed upgrade.

Photographing the bridge took a lot of observation and inching this way and that to get the lines horizontal and vertical. That wasn't easy to do since the builders weren't as obsessed with straight lines as I was when taking photos!


  1. Very nice! I love old structures such as this and you seem to have captured it perfectly.

  2. What I'd like to do is stand on the railroad bridge that is just downriver from this one and take photos of it. It's a cool old structure, that's for sure.