An Important Message

This crowd of high school teenagers were gathered near a football field to watch the progression of a car accident (below) involving classmates and alcohol. It was a major production, an enactment that would take the entire day. Local police, rescue and ambulance, fire department and a medflight helicopter brought the experience so alive that one girl that acted the part of back-seat passenger (on the gurney)  burst into tears while being cut from the car with the Jaws of Life. While everyone knew that it was a staged enactment, the message hit home, if the looks on their faces are any indication.


  1. Hi Theresa, I enjoyed your photo's thanks for sharing this blog. I usually only make it over to A Bumpy Path and Eyebald every once in awhile. Have a nice weekend...Jude

  2. Please tell me that wasn't on April Fool's day!

  3. I'll keep adding photos as I take them. I have a few more to break out of 'storage' too. I'm glad you enjoyed them, Jude!

    Hawg, to be honest, I don't remember when it was. I took those photos last year! It was in April though, that I know!