Odin Flies!






I don’t know why I didn’t think to put the camera into video mode. If I did though, I would’ve missed these wonderful shots. Of all the things I think of when I see Odin, it’s his incredible power and beauty that always takes my breath away.

In the second photo, Odin was running up to me. The view through the camera lens is deceptive, and when he got close, he tucked his rump in and did a power slide. I was standing right by a large muddy area, so that slide sprayed me and the camera with mud! It was one of those moments that is the price you pay for a good shot or two.


  1. Lovely shots...he is a grand look horse

  2. Thank you, Syndi, and thanks for stopping by my humble abode here!

  3. IS there anything more amazing than watching a horse run. They have such magnificent muscle structure that this type of visual always takes my breathe away.
    Thank you for sharing one of natures most inspiring moments :)

  4. I agree with you, 100 percent, Dorothy! Odin is amazing to see, that's for sure.

  5. What a gorgeous animal! Wow! These photos are amazing!

  6. I'm one proud Mama when it comes to Odin! But, it was luck that I got good shots of him running around. I just kept my finger on the shutter and hoped I had the camera aimed at him. Thanks, Lisa!