Wet, Gray Days Persist



judsoniaschool I overheard someone say today that we’ve had 18 straight days of rain. It’s very unusual for Arkansas. Today was no different. It rained all day long from sunup until just about sunset when it slowed to a steady sprinkle. Water and mud is everywhere, like on this playground and building site for a new elementary school.


  1. 18 days is way too many! They are forecasting snow for us tomorrow - way too early for that!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I will use your question about polarizers for next week's Friday post. I just love what they can do for a photo!

  2. We had a break in the clouds today, though, and in the next post you'll see how the light played a big part in popping out some action photos.

    I can't wait until next Friday! I'll be there and reading way!