The Yearling








The first photo is Odin on his first birthday, June 6, 2002. He was gangly, not quite shed out and growing like a weed. I still had no idea what he’d look like as a grown horse.

The second two photos show just how agile an itchy horse can be. I found that Odin used that one tree often to relieve his itches as it was coated with his hair. I caught him in the act, and managed to capture these two images though I was laughing so hard I could barely see out of my teared up eyes.


  1. What a doll. I remember when Khrysta was 3 and she looked so different. Now she's grown taller and filled out and it's hard to imagine her any other way. Odin is a very talented scratcher :-)
    Love his wooded area too.

  2. Stunning photos...Wow...what a beautiful thing...I used to fear horses but rode them anyway, pet them and spoke to them...trying to face my fear you see. And then one day the fear just disappeared and my love for these awesome creatures increased...I always loved The Horse...The Bear and yes The Dog. That second photo made my heart stop...oh how I would love to be lost in the woods with him if only for a short while....

  3. Sarah, I have photos of Odin from the day I got him at just barely 5 months old. I always wondered what he'd look like as a grown horse, and now looking back at all those baby photos, he looks the same!

    Marlene, Odin was quite the character at the time the scratching photos were taken. He kept biting my upper left arm for a year, and I thought the bruise would never heal. Horses are big, unpredictable animals, so a little fear is a good thing. I've been with Odin since 2001, and I've learned to keep an eye on him at all times. The thing I love doing most with him - listening to him munch hay.